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1001 Pennsylvania Avenue is equipped with 27 elevators as follows:

  • 16 passenger elevators serving the Lobby level
  • 1 hydraulic elevator at Loading Dock to P3 cross corridor
  • 2 service elevators serving all floors and parking levels
  • 4 hydraulic passenger elevators to parking levels
  • One hydraulic garage passenger elevator also services the fitness center on the P-3 level and the center atrium.
  • 4 hydraulic passenger elevators for floors 12 - 14

All elevators, except those servicing the P1 and P2 garage levels, require the use of a valid access card at all times.

All deliveries, equipment and freight must be carried on the service elevator(s). Circumstances requiring use of a service elevator at length require coordination of access with the Property Management Office and must be scheduled in advance for after-hours and weekends. Access to the P-3 level cross corridor requires an access card and will need to be coordinated with the Property Management Office or Security.

Elevator emergency calls are monitored 24 hours a day by security personnel. Should the elevator malfunction, utilize the intercom system provided in each car. Security will respond with instructions. Any elevator problems should be reported to the Property Management Office or Security immediately.