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Depending on the type of equipment being installed, a telecommunication provider may need to enter in to a Telecommunications Lease Agreement.  As this may take time to determine and negotiate it is imperative that the Property Management Office is contacted as early in the process as possible.

Access to the building’s Main Distribution Facility (MDF) and telephone closets must be coordinated through Montgomery Technologies Service Center. It is recommended that Tenants become familiar with the Building Rules and Regulations relating to telecommunications closets and pathways. Tenants are required to adhere to the building’s Telecommunications policies, a copy of which is available from the Property Management Office. Tenants must provide at least a 24-hour notice of their intent to access these areas. Telephone technicians will be required to surrender identification when receiving keys to these areas. ID’s will be returned after keys are returned and the area inspected for cleanliness.  Please make sure the MDF door is secure upon departure. It will be the responsibility of the Tenant to assure that each area accessed is returned to its original condition, including the replacement of fire-stopping materials.

Montgomery Technologies Service Center
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Verizon, Comcast, Zayo, and Pilot Fiber are telecommunication providers of 1001 Penn.


1001 Pennsylvania has a Verizon Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that provides Verizon cell phone service from the top floor to the lowest level in the garage.